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How to poperly care, display, and sell real reef rock.

  • Upon receiving your Real Reef Live Rock properly rinse in saltwater and tank immediately. No curing required!

  • Because we make a huge effort to provide the cleanest biologically active farmed Live Rock, we suggest our dealers separate the rock from problematic plagued Wild Rock. We don’t want any of those nasty creepy crawlies that wild rock inherently has to compromise the quality of Real Reef. Please don’t mix and use Real Reef responsibly.

  • Store a majority of your Real Reef Rock in your normal selling aquariums, but leave a percentage of your rock to display in actual coral and fish holding aquariums. Ideally in high foot traffic areas with good visibility.

  • Setting up a Fish or Reef Aquarium Display with Real Reef Rock, will help draw interest and showcase the beauty and diversity that comes with aquascaping with Real Reef Rock, Shelf or Branch. It allows customers a visual aid to mentally picture how beautiful their aquarium can be, when aquascaping with Real Reef.

    In time, your show display will help promote confidence and experience with the product amongst your staff and customers. They will realize what hundreds of Dealers and Hobbyist already know; Real Reef produces striking aquascapes and functions better than wild rock in a Modern Reef Aquarium!

  • Make sure to purchase and display a variety of the different types of Real Reef Rock. A variety allows for more creativity, which creates more choices. This in turn, creates more dynamic beautiful aquascaped aquariums.
  • Help educate your customers about Real Reef, by educating your staff as well as offering good point of sale marketing information. Whether it is Real Reef literature, logo decals, apparel or just nice Real Reef displays; it all helps educate the customer. All of these selling aids and marketing material is available on our website or can be provided with a phone call to your Real Reef Rep.

    Help educate your customers on the environmental aspect of the product, by explaining the environmental cost of buying and supporting wild rock harvest. The future of a responsible hobby starts with all of our decisions, including the power of their purchase. Their dollars do have a voice!

  • Consistently carry Real Reef. Dealers who always have Real Reef in stock, consistently sell more and generate more revenue! Don’t wait to reorder, because you have a few pieces left! Maybe it’s a few large pieces that the average size aquarium cannot accommodate, or just product that has been abused in shipping. Regardless, keep new inventory stocked and don’t wait to the very last piece! Well stocked stores with variety, always sell more product! Poor stocked stores with little variety, do little sales. Keep it fresh, keep it stocked. Here at Real Reef we always make an effort to accommodate our Dealers and help them facilitate a rich inventory of eco-reef friendly Real Reef Live Rock.
  • Stock, display, educate, market and sell. We always can make and grow more! Best of all, we support the U.S economy without destroying the World’s Coral Reefs.


Dealer marketing package

Real Reef Marketing Kit

Free for Certified Real Reef Dealers

Each Support Package Contains The Following

  • 2 Real Reef Hats

  • 2 Real Reef T-Shirts

  • 6 Eco-Reef Friendly Decals

  • 6 Real Reef Rock Decals

  • 50-100 Real Reef Product Info Cards

  • 1 2×4′ Full Color Real Reef Banner

Contact our sales team for the Real Reef marketing kits.