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Our History

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Proudly Farmed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

A truly green product, made from 11 natural Calcium Carbonate based materials and cultured for 5 months. Ideal bioactivity, without negative bioload and nuisance hitchhikers.

Rock, Shelf, Branch: We’ve Got Variety

Only Real Reef brings you the realistic shapes and variety needed to make your perfect aquascape. Smart start your aquarium, without the issues associated with wild or ocean farmed rock.

100% Natural, Mimics Mother Nature

Not all cultured rock is created equal! Real Reef contains NO chemical based epoxy or acrylic paints. NO toxic copper or iron based pigments. NO phosphate issues inherent in dry rock. The highly pourous surface allows for plenty of healthy bacterial and coralline growth.

Saving the World’s Reefs One Piece at a Time

Human impact on coral reefs is significant. By making a product that replaces the need for, and improves upon wild live rock, we are able to preserve the reef habitat for future marine life. Real Reef has created a sustainable future for our industry.

Extra Bio-Available Goodness

Contains 2X the available Alk, Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 and more available trace elements than wild live rock. Made by aquarists for aquarists. Developed over 19 years of research and feedback, we know what you want and we created it.

Your wild live rock alternative

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Trusted by Experts, Loved by Beginners